Structured Activities That Reduce Depression and Anxiety in Seniors

Structured Activities That Reduce Depression and Anxiety in Seniors

by: Melanie Farley  


Even with the significant progress made with COVID vaccine availability and restrictions being lifted, many seniors are still experiencing increased anxiety, depression, and in some cases, cognitive decline, due to the impact of the quarantine orders.

The good news is, introducing stimulating social activities into a senior’s routine can significantly reduce depression and anxiety by promoting emotional connection, independence, improving motor skills, and more. Need ideas for activities for the beloved senior in your life? Read on for our recommendations, based on what’s popular with our clients.


Music & Dancing

Studies have shown that music can provide comfort to those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive impairments. Music improves memory recall, cognition and speech, and it can even help dispel tension and anxiety.

So how can you incorporate more music into you loved one’s life? It can be as simple as playing more music around the house, attending concerts together, or playing musical chairs with the grandchildren. Your senior is sure to have fun and experience an enhanced sense of well-being.



Let your senior’s inner artist shine with any assortment of crafting activities. As we age, and our physical mobility decreases, crafts become a way for older adults to participate in activities with loved ones. Crafts also encourage self-expression, and older adults often appreciate the opportunity to explore their own creativity.

Whether your senior is knitting a blanket, creating pottery, or even coloring in an adult coloring book, they will experience a multitude of health benefits. To list a few: strengthened immune system, lower blood pressure, pain relief, stress reduction, and so much more!


Reading & Writing 

If the beloved senior in your life loves to read, then it makes sense to give them access to lots of books and magazines to peruse individually or in a group setting. A book club can be a great way for them to socialize and share ideas.

If your loved one enjoys writing their own stories, then encourage them to explore their interests. From poetry, to autobiography and family history, to short fiction – the sky’s the limit! Writing helps keep the mind sharp and it can also allow for a deepened sense of passion and purpose.


A Final Word...

At Northeast Adult Day Care, we pride ourselves on the diverse array of structured activities we offer to keep your loved ones happy, healthy, and engaged. The ideas we included here are just the tip of the iceberg, based on our experience with our clients. There are so many other options for fun, stimulating activities that you can do with your loved one to help them as they age, and we encourage you to continue to explore!


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