Adult Day Care vs Home Care and Long-Term Care Facilities in Philadelphia

Adult Day Care vs Home Care and Long-Term Care Facilities in Philadelphia

When you or your loved one reaches that point when decisions about future care need to be made, the options can often be overwhelming and even down-right confusing! You’re likely to find yourself bombarded with information about home care, adult day care, and long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities – and you may not truly understand what the major differences between them are! Here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we're going to break it down for you to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision to ensure the best care for you or your loved one!

Home Care

Home care is care that takes place in the home and usually includes a specialist carer who provides assistance that is tailored to the exact needs of the individual. Many people who opt for home care do so with the intention of keeping their independence, but the downside is that this can often lead to isolation and loneliness, both of which are preludes to depression in seniors. On top of this, home care can become expensive depending on the level of care needed. At first, it may not seem too much, but as an individual becomes increasingly dependent, their needs will increase and so too will the costs!

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide care for those that can't live independently but don't need to be in a hospital. Although they are great for providing round the clock care, nursing homes can be extremely expensive and should only be used by those that are in real need of 24-hour care. As a result, many people are actually sold on the idea of a nursing home without actually requiring the level of care they provide, meaning they spend countless dollars for care beyond their needs!

The Alternative – Adult Day Care

There is, however, an alternative that provides a cost-effective and self-tailored level of care that is perfect for those who want to escape the isolationism of home care but are not in need of round the clock care – adult day care.

Adult day care centers simultaneously tackle the problems that home care and nursing homes deal with but are also a much more cost-effective option. At an adult day care center, you or your loved one will receive all the specialist care they need from expertly trained staff that have access to equipment that can’t be brought directly to the home. In addition to this, adult day care centers are socializing hubs where seniors can engage in social programs or simply have a nice chat over a cup of coffee – sometimes one of the most effective forms of therapy! Adult day care centers also allow seniors to keep their independence as they can continue to live at home and then choose how often they wish to visit depending on their specific needs. This makes the option much more flexible than a nursing home and it allows you to tailor which services you need as your requirements change. For those who live with a family carer, adult day care allows their caregivers to continue working while ensuring their loved one gets the attention and special care they need. The centralization of services at adult day care centers means costs are kept affordable as services are streamlined and the costs are shared with the clients. 

Northeast Adult Day Care Center offers the perfect option for you or your loved one right here in Philadelphia. Whether it’s more social interaction or specialist care that is required, our facility is here to help all our clients whatever their specific needs may be. Give us a call or visit our website today to organize a tour free of charge!