Aging and Happiness – The Benefits of Staying Social

Aging and Happiness – The Benefits of Staying Social

As we get older, it’s all too easy to recede into ourselves and ignore the rest of the world.

But as innate social beings, we actually need social interaction.

Our bodies crave it - whether we know it or not.

In other words, social connections keep us healthy and happy. Because engaging with others keeps our minds sharp, gives us new things to be inspired about, grants us purpose, and helps us smile a bit more.

So, here are some easy ways to keep you socially engaged and connected for a happier life!

Plan a Family Night

When you live in the same house as your family, or you see your family members often, it’s easy to mistake that for bonding.

But, being in close proximity to your family members and actually spending quality time with them are two very different situations. While the former is essential to casual functioning, the latter actually stimulates healthy and positive relationships. The kind of familial relationships we need for happy aging.

That’s why it’s extremely important to make a time where you and your family members can actually focus on one other - not just life’s daily business. And what better way to do so, than by scheduling a family night?

Pick a date, make time, and plan a fun family night together. Share a nice meal, watch a movie, play some games, or simply sit around the living room and chat. You’ll be a happier person for it.

Help the Community

You can do this by going to town meetings, helping to plan a community event, or simply showing up to events already happening.

Helping the community is a great way to stay connected for two essential reasons. First, it gives you a reason to meet new people and bond over a shared thing (your community!). Second, helping the community gives you a purpose. And we humans LOVE purpose. Because it gives us something important to live for. It gives us something to be excited about and something to be passionate about.

And that excitement and passion are what keeps us living happily as we age.

Share your Hobbies

Bonding with others over shared hobbies is another great way to keep yourself socially engaged with others. If you have a hobby you love, try finding a club or group to join where you can share your knowledge and gain new inspiration. Or, try exploring different organizations your community has to offer and find something new and fresh to learn!

When you engage with others over hobbies, you not only build new relationships, but you also build and strengthen your own mind’s muscles. As we grow older, it’s crucial to make sure we are constantly challenging our brains with new information to learn and old information to ponder. So, when you join the conversation with others over the things you love or the things that interest you, you are keeping your mind sharp and social.