Caregiving News 2018

Caregiving News 2018

2018 will likely be a landmark year for caregivers. With the Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage Family Caregivers Act (RAISE) being signed into law in late January, politicians hope to increase recognition and support for the 40 Million plus family caregivers who operate in both the private and public sector here in the USA. What’s most encouraging about this law is that it is bipartisan, which means it’s a national strategy that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on – a very rare find indeed!

So, what can we expect?

Well, RAISE is, at this moment in time, simply a law that implements the development of a new strategy for caregiving within the next three years. This means that reports will be made and submitted over the next three years alluding to what the best course of action for a future strategy will be. Main topics that will be investigated include:

        Relief from over working for caregivers.

        Flexibility and work-life balance issues.

        Quality of information and training support given to caregivers.

        Assessment and service planning for recipients and family caregivers. 

While this may seem like a long time to wait until any real change is decided on or implemented, the positives from this law should not be overlooked. Firstly, it's great that the government are recognizing the value that millions of caregivers bring to American citizens every year, and are finally doing something to help them. Secondly, the planning process seems rather thorough, which should, in theory, mean the recommendations are based on sound evidence, really helping those who need support. 

Caregivers often suffer from work-related illnesses such as depression and fatigue which makes them more vulnerable than workers in other professions. We hope that RAISE will bring support and security to caregivers and those they care for, increasing the quality of life for people all over the US.