Forming New Friendships And Finding Love As An Older Adult

Forming New Friendships And Finding Love As An Older Adult

Making friends can become increasingly harder as we get older. It’s natural that we forgo friendships for milestones in life such as relocating for work, long-term partners, or having children. All of these factors can mean that by the time we have retired and our children have left home, we’re literally so out of practice when it comes to making new friends, that it can be a major cause of loneliness. 

Northeast Adult Day Care recognizes this fact, which is why we have come up with some key points to think about when trying to make friends in old age.

Pursue your interests

Whether looking for friends or not, it's a great thing to pursue your interests and hobbies in your older age. It's a time to do those things you love doing but maybe never had the time to do in the past. But, this may also be a way into meeting more like-minded people who pursue the same interests, and it will also develop you as a person, making you happier, more relaxed and passionate, which are all qualities a potential friend will value.

Be outgoing, but not too outgoing

Having the confidence to talk to people about your interests is an obvious first step when looking to make new friends. However, some people find this daunting. If this is the case, try talking to just one other person rather than joining a large group, or even look for someone else who is on their own and looking to make friends. Being too outgoing can sometimes make you come across as too high-energy and even a little phony. Try reading the situation and toning it down a little if it's what the occasion requires.

Don’t let stigma stand in your way

Social attitudes often make it hard for people of different social categories to mix. For example, there’s often a stigma that if a man and women become friends, they must be looking for more than just friendship. This does not need to be the case, so don’t limit your pool of possible friends by adhering to social stigmas!

At Northeast Adult Day Care, our experienced expert staff have helped bring people together throughout their career, and it is actually a large part of their job. Helping residents make friends contributes hugely to the positive energy of the day care environment, not only fulfilling the lives of residents but also of those around them.