Games to Improve Your Mind’s Health

Games to Improve Your Mind’s Health

We often see brain games and puzzles advertised as being good for the health of the mind, but, is this actually true? Many studies suggest that playing games that keep your cognitive function high such as Sudoku, Scrabble and Boggle can actually have positive effects on your mood and help in reducing stress, which naturally has great long-term implications for your health as you age. There is also evidence to suggest that regular long-term engagement in brain games could reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, which is another great reason to start!

Here are some of the best brain games to give you a quick introduction on how you can strengthen that mind:

1. Sudoku – The classic number-placement puzzle is a favorite for people on the go and is easily found in daily papers, Sudoku books, and app-based online versions. This means it’s easily accessible to everyone! It’s a brilliant game for the development of arithmetic and problem-solving skills!

2. Boggle – Boggle is another classic, and it involves the use of letter-imprinted dice which settle on a 4x4 grid which players then use to form as many words as possible. With a concept similar to Scrabble, the game is great for developing skills of expression and the ability to be concise. In fact, studies have shown that the English skills of children who regularly play these games are boosted, which is likely to also be true for adults!

3. Crossword Puzzle – The world-famous Crossword Puzzle is the king of on-the-go brain games and is still one of the most popular. Working out the riddles in Crosswords helps get your brain’s creative areas working, which is great for developing the imaginative and creative skills needed to form an innovative mind. To really put yourself to the test, try finishing your Crossword in a set amount of time.

Brain games are a brilliant way to keep your mind focused and to hone the skills needed to stay mentally active and invigorating. As well as this, they may also have major health benefits such as keeping the onset of Alzheimer's at bay. Most importantly, they're fun! As well as those mentioned above, other popular brain games include Tetris, Rubik's Cube, Kenken, Lumosity Brain Games, Simon, and Set. Why not try out a few to see which ones you enjoy the most!?