How to Keep Seniors Young at Heart

Young at heart

How to Keep Seniors Young at Heart

Studies have shown that just feeling younger can have major health benefits for seniors, from improved cardiovascular health to lessened chances of depression. Also, those who feel younger tend to stay more active and engage more with their community, giving them an overall better quality of life as they age. For many seniors, aging comes with feelings of loss -- loss of mobility, physical strength, mental sharpness, etc. However; it doesn't have to. By finding activities that are mentally as well as physically stimulating, you can ensure that the seniors in your life stay young in mind, body, and heart.

  1. Yoga and Meditation are great for stress relief, finding peace of mind, and maintaining physical strength. Yoga provides a gentle form of exercise, while meditation encourages mindfulness and positive thinking.
  2. Aqua Therapy is a great way to keep seniors active in a safe, gentle way. Exercising in water takes pressure off of joints and aching bones, while still allowing for a good range of motion and fun, effective exercise.
  3. Table Games and Brain Teasers are great for maintaining a sharp wit. By challenging seniors to solve puzzles and riddles, they’ll have fun while keeping their minds young.
  4. Healthy Eating is key to longevity, and ensuring that your elderly loved ones eat a balanced diet based on their specific dietary needs will help keep them feeling their physical best.
  5. Socialization is key to keeping seniors active, happy, and healthy. Consider enrolling your elderly loved one in a senior group so that they can socialize with people their own age. On the contrary, you can also encourage them to socialize with people a bit younger, which has been shown to have positive effects on self-perceived age.
  6. Getting outside whether it’s for a walk or a trip somewhere will provide a great change of pace and a break from seniors’ ordinary daily routine, which will aide in keeping spirits high and hearts young.
  7. Practice a good attitude. As one ages, it’s easy to slip into a funk (or worse) and to stop seeing the good in life. One of the most effective ways to keep seniors young at heart is to practice a good attitude with them. Rather than focusing on things they can’t do, focus on things they can. Focus on the good and exciting things happening in their life and in the world around them. Good attitudes are contagious, make sure you’re spreading them.

As people age, it’s only natural that life slows down -- but that doesn’t mean that they have to. Keeping seniors young at heart is key not only to a long life, but a happy and healthy one. By finding activities that are both safe and stimulating, you can ensure that your loved ones have the best possible quality of life as they age.

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