How To Improve Your Memory - At Any Age!

How To Improve Your Memory - At Any Age! 

by: Melanie Farley  


As we get older, some age-related memory loss is to be expected, and as long as that memory loss isn’t debilitating, it isn’t a cause for concern. Still, it can be frustrating to walk into a room and forget why you went in there, or to temporarily forget the name of your childhood best friend.

The good news is, when it comes to the brain, you can teach an old dog new tricks. That’s thanks to the brain’s neuroplasticity, which allows you to learn new things, even as you age. It turns out the brain is like a muscle – you’ve got to use it or lose it! That means, with practice, you can improve your memory (and cognitive function) at any age.

But how, you ask? Read on for 3 key elements of a good brain-boosting activity.


You’re Learning

Not all brain exercises are created equal. To increase neuroplasticity and improve memory, you must be learning new skills. So, the activity needs to be something outside of your comfort zone; if it is something you are already good at, it’s not a good brain exercise.


You’re Being Challenged

The activity should also be mentally challenging; you should be completely absorbed. It’s not enough that you found it challenging at one point; it must require intense mental effort now. For example, learning to play a new piece of music would be a great brain-booster but playing a piece you’d already memorized would not.


You’re Building on Skills

It’s nice to choose activities where you can begin at an easy level and then increase the difficulty as you improve. That way, you continue to stretch your capabilities, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you develop your skills.

When you feel an activity is rewarding, then you will be more likely to repeat that behavior, and the activities you choose should be enjoyable.


A Final Word..

So, the next step is to think of an activity you’ve always wanted to try, whether that’s tango, sewing, or learning another language. As long as you are learning something new, and it’s keeping you engaged, you will be able to improve your memory over time.

And don’t forget to cover the basics: eat nutritious foods, get enough sleep, and get up and move each day. Exercise increases oxygen to the brain, which has been shown to improve memory and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. And, the brain cannot function its best without adequate fuel and rest.

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