Love at Any Age: Why Valentine’s Day is Just as Important for The Elderly

Love at Any Age: Why Valentine’s Day is Just as Important for The Elderly

With Valentine’s day coming up, you could say that love is in the air! On the 14th day of February, couples of all age groups will be filling restaurants, purchasing hordes of red roses, and dancing the night away to celebrate their love for each other. The image that most people have of Valentine’s day usually involves young couples, but here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we want to raise awareness about the importance of love and companionship for the elderly community. Seniors are often overlooked when it comes to romance – depicted as “past it”, or “too old to love”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s our mission to change people’s views about love and the elderly and to encourage those that want to find love to go out and get it!

Reimagining elderly love

Whether you yourself are in your senior years or you know of loved ones who are, it’s important to recognize that love, romance, and intimacy are not bound by the constraints of youth! For too long, stereotypes about the inappropriateness of elderly love have infested mainstream belief in the US meaning that elderly couples sometimes feel embarrassed to show affection for each other, especially in public. The assumption that elderly people are past the point of being able to love or have romantic moments alienates a huge section of society that likely has a better knowledge of romantic relationships than any other! Rather than making them feel awkward about expressing their feelings, we should be welcoming them and learning from them what makes for a good, healthy, and romantic relationship well into old age!

The benefits of love

If you’ve read our earlier blog posts you’ll know that here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we’re constantly highlighting the health risks for seniors caused by loneliness and isolation. It goes without saying that couples that stay together well into their senior years are less likely to suffer from issues such as depression and loneliness, but what you may not have realized is that romantic relationships can have an even greater benefit than just usual friendships or regular contact with family members! Love is the greatest stress reliever of all, and those who are lucky enough to feel deeply in love with another into their senior years will be benefitting from it health-wise without even knowing it!

Finding love in old age

Another stereotype that pervades our society is the idea that those in their senior years are unable to find new love, but it’s simply not true! For many elderly people, this perception prevents them from even trying, resigning them to the belief that they will live the rest of their life in a loveless and lonely existence. We want to break down this false notion, inspiring those who want companionship and romance to go out and get it, no matter their age! Safe, social spaces such as adult day care centers or community events are the perfect place for elderly people to meet and get to know each other, possibly leading to something more than just friendship! 

Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love for all people, regardless of age! So, if you’re in your senior years and on the lookout for love, why not send Valentine's day message or gift to the one that you admire? Who knows? It just might blossom into something more than friendship!