A Message from Our Founders . . .

A Message from our Founders . . . 

by: Vlada Rubarkh & Anna Ufberg


As 2020 comes to a close, we thought it was important to reflect on the incredible courage and resilience of our staff and community members. Unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives have forced us to devise new systems of care and support, and we humbly rose to the challenge.

Read on to hear our message of hope as we head into the new year.



Our staff juggled working remotely, home schooling, isolation, and COVID19 scares, but they never lost sight of our mission: to provide our seniors with well-being and a sense of purpose every day.


They did this through personalized Telehealth consultations, phone check-ins, our meal delivery service, and more! That commitment and dedication to our seniors provides a ray of hope in these dark times because it shows us what’s possible when we work together.


Leonard Cohen once wrote, “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it is how to find light in dark places.


Another lesson from this pandemic could be the importance of the work we do. Pennsylvania’s 1.6 million family caregivers, many of whom are raising children and holding down full-time jobs, have experienced immense emotional and financial strain without access to adult day services. Our seniors have suffered without the social interaction and community support provided by our services, too.


It has been so difficult for us to keep our doors closed while our clients suffer the physical and emotional toll of COVID19, but we also know that it’s essential to listen to our health professionals to keep our community safe. We also understand that we can utilize the challenges offered by this pandemic to inspire us to connect with our clients in new ways, and it has renewed our commitment to our work.


COVID19 has given us reason to re-evaluate how we treat our seniors, and as we look to the new year, we are thinking of how we can adapt to better meet the challenges ahead. Our elders deserve innovative approaches to the systems of care that support them, and that’s why we will continue to develop our “person-centered” approach to care.


There might still be some dark times ahead; we know that many people are struggling. But, what gives us hope, is that, even despite all of the adversity this year, we still found ways to connect with our clients and care for them. With just a little creativity, compassion, and a willingness to work together, we can really do just about anything.


Sending the warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season.



Vlada & Anna