National Nutrition Month

Every year in March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month!

Every year in March, we proudly celebrate International Women’s Day. March 8th, specifically, is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the sacrifice and hard work invested by women all over the planet. It is one of very few holidays which are celebrated world-wide, with no religious or national requirements. This past year, women of all ages and races have excelled in their respective fields and broken boundaries in our society. This blog will explore the effect of females within our world at Northeast Adult Day Care, and all over the universe.

Senior Woman with a Shopping Cart

Every year in March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month! It is so important that seniors are conscious of their nutritional habits and are educated about leading a healthy lifestyle. This month, we wanted to share some tips for shopping at the grocery store. It can be quite overwhelming, especially for senior citizens. It is very important for us to spread awareness regarding good nutrition within our facility and around the community.

Grocery stores use fully automated systems to create advertisements. This means that the computers know which items sell the best, and the store optimizes the location and display of that product. It is important to know that those products aren’t always the healthiest options. Before going to the store, it is important to check and write down what you already have at home. This will save you both time and money. Prepping out your meals a week in advance is also a smart practice. Decide exactly what you want to eat, so that you are less distracted when walking up and down the grocery store aisles.

Its easy to get confused about different terms and practices when it comes to eating healthy. Talking with your doctor and/or dietitian can help create a meal plan that can help you with your nutrition goals as well as keeping you on track at the supermarket. After you come up with a good plan for the week, think about picking items that will hold up well in the fridge. Cooking is a hassle, and nobody wants to do it every day. It is also important to be mindful of labels. Big companies will try and fool you on verbiage like “No added sugar.” What this really means is that they are using sugar substitutes to add sweetness. The added chemicals are way worse for your health than natural sugar. Another trick to staying as healthy as possible is to purchase whole fruits and vegetables instead of anything prepackaged. Natural fruits and veggies will be unprocessed with no added chemicals!

Lastly, there is ample opportunities for seniors to receive discounts at the grocery store. Keep your eye out for local publications and newspapers. They should have a section with coupons. Saving any amount of money is beneficial- especially since being conscious of healthy eating can be a tad more expensive than getting typical foods. We hope this information comes in handy the next time you are shopping for groceries. Happy National Nutrition Month!