Northeast Adult Day Care of Philadelphia - Martha's Story

Northeast Adult Day Care of Philadelphia - Martha's Story

Transitioning into your elder years can be a real challenge and in some cases, the transition can leave people feeling lonely, insecure and isolated as their ability to see family and friends is restricted. Martha, one of our clients here at Northeast Adult Day Care knows this feeling all too well. "As I grew older, particularly after retirement and losing Arty, I really relied on my friends" she told us, "but within the space of about two to three years, I suddenly found they had all moved away to be closer to family or to spend their retirement in the sunshine, and I was left all alone". Martha spoke to us about how she struggled to cope with the isolation. "At first I thought it would be easy for me to make friends living at home, but when I was out of the house I didn't really find it that easy to talk to people. It sounds silly now, but a quick chat with the checkout girl at the store was the highlight of my day. Soon I became more and more depressed and just didn't want to get up in the morning".

Martha is not alone. Feelings of isolation and loneliness are on the rise amongst the elderly population in this country, and it has been described by charities for the elderly as a silent crisis. Luckily for Martha, there was help on hand. "Well, I had all but resigned myself to a life without friends or even seeing my family regularly (Martha's son had previously moved to New York City for work), and that's when an old friend called me. We got talking and I couldn't help but just let it all out. I had so much to tell her about how lonely I was, and that's when she suggested Northeast Adult Day Care"

After a brief chat on the phone, we at Northeast Adult Day Care sent our driver to pick up Martha at her residence and gave her a ride to our center to tour the facility and to talk with some of the staff and clients. "I couldn't believe it," she told us, "after years of feeling isolated, it was like wandering in from the cold, and right under my nose was a place where I could make friends and happily spend my time while still keeping my independence". After enrolling at Northeast Adult Day Care, Martha feels that it's important to let everyone know that they don't need to live their life the way she once did. "Some people think of an adult day center and have negative perceptions about it, but that's not the case at all. It's a place where we can communicate, feel productive and enjoy ourselves, and without Northeast Adult Day Care, I don't know what I would have done, they've really turned my life around".

We’d like to thank Martha for her honesty in opening up about her experience with depression and loneliness. If you suspect a loved one may be going through a similar experience, or you yourself have feelings of isolation, there’s help at hand! Northeast Adult Day Care is a social, positive and constructive environment that brings meaning to the lives of those that would otherwise be suffering in silence. So, don’t let time pass by, come and explore our center today to see how becoming a regular visitor to Northeast Adult Day Care can turn your life around!