The Benefits of Adult Day Care

The Benefits of Adult Day Care

Adult day care is quickly becoming the preferred option for seniors who need help and supervision on a daily basis but also want to keep their independence and have control of their day to day lives. Nursing homes have often been the go-to choice, however, this is usually caused by a misunderstanding of the needs for those who are being admitted, meaning they could be paying way over the odds for care and treatment that is not necessary, and could also be unnecessarily limiting their personal freedom! Here at Northeast Adult Day Care – the premier adult day care center in Northeast Philadelphia, we want to illustrate how the benefits of adult day care may make it the best choice for you or your loved one! 


One of the main benefits that people really like about adult day care is flexibility. You can come and go as you please at our center, meaning you pay for the services you need or want and nothing more! For seniors who are still mobile and mostly self-sufficient, one or two days a week may be all they require, but as time goes on and their care needs increase, adult day care allows a slow, gradual, and, most importantly – a familiar transition into a life more dependent on care. This is a stark contrast to the all-or-nothing approach of nursing homes.

Safe and secure

With a specially designed environment that's planned in order to minimize the risk of common hazards to elderly residents such as falls or scrapes, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will be in the safest of hands. On-site trained medical staff are constantly on hand for any medical emergencies that may occur, making adult day care centers as safe as a hospital, without feeling like you're in one!

Day-time assistance

As we age, our ability to perform basic tasks becomes reduced. At Northeast Adult Day Care, we provide nutritious, hot meals for all of our members, so if they’re unable to cook at home, they will definitely be getting at least one hot meal per day. We also provide a medication administration service so that those members who need to keep up to date with taking their medication can have exactly that. This includes time reminders, help with measuring dosages, and safekeeping so our members don’t need to worry and can get on with enjoying their stay with us!

Social and therapeutic activities

One of the main plights of the elderly is loneliness. Reduced mobility, lack of feeling safe outdoors, and the movement of friends to other parts of the country can leave some feeling like they’ve been left behind. Adult day care provides every member with a place for socializing where they can take part in therapeutic group activities. Social activities are vital for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression – all of which are huge issues for seniors in this modern era.


As previously mentioned, adult day care provides a flexible approach to care, meaning you only pay for what you need. This means you're likely to save a large sum of money when compared to nursing home care or home care. On top of this, regulatory changes have driven up the cost of at-home care, meaning that adult daycare has become a much more cost-effective option. People often find that they pay less than half for adult day care when compared with at home care, while getting the exact same level of service and the added benefit of a place to socialize!

Adult day care brings with it benefits that can simply not be found in alternative options. It gives you unparalleled flexibility, access to medical expertise, and valuable therapeutic social activities at an unbeatable price! If you haven’t yet considered adult day care, we urge you to take a look at how it can benefit you! Here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we pride ourselves on the level of service we deliver. If you’re interested in visiting our facility and live in the Northeast Philadelphia area, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to give you a guided tour and show you what we can offer!