The Importance of Medical Alert Devices For Seniors

The Importance of Medical Alert Devices For Seniors

If you, your husband or a loved one were to take a fall, it could be terrifying and disorienting. It can also be imperative to get help right away.

This is the type of scenario when a medical alert device is not only extremely important but can potentially save someone’s life.

If you’re alone or have hired a caregiver to help you, a medical alert device is an easy way to get the necessary medical help immediately. The device helps to alert the person who cares for you or even the correct medical facility or specialist if you or someone falls or gets hurt.

Medical Alert Devices & How They Work

If you hurt yourself or even feel disoriented, a medical alert device has a button that can be pressed to get immediate care. It enables you to get you in touch with a trained specialist via a monitoring call center equipped for this situation. The medical specialist can then determine the best person to call whether it is a hospital or just a family member.

Some devices can monitor a senior that tends to walk off to places that are unsuitable or dangerous. Some medical alert devices have specific sensors that can follow the motions of a senior and alert the caregiver if the senior is in a room at home that might be dangerous to them. Or even the top of a staircase that is not properly enclosed or might be hard for the senior to go up or down.

The Different Medical Alert Devices Offered

There are many different types of medical alert devices available. They can come in the form of a necklace, a bracelet, or even a button on the wall.

Some devices have base stations that are placed on a table, and some wearable pendants and bracelets have the ability to track further than the base stationed device. Both of these wearable devices can be especially valuable for a senior that wanders.

Other kinds of devices are monitored simply by a cell-phone based service rather than a hard phone line (landline) which connect to the device. Some of these devices have a function that uses GPS technology to allow the husband, wife, or caregiver to know where the senior is at all times. This can be very beneficial for a senior that wanders out of the home to alert the person who is caring for them to get the help or to get emergency help directly.

Some medical alert devices can connect to the person who is caring for or wants to be notified if the loved one gets hurt, injured, or falls and is therefore unable to phone someone for help.

Fall Detection Alert Systems

There are also alert systems that have fall detection technology installed. The wearable device, which is usually a wristband or a pendant, will monitor the direction and speed of the person who is wearing the device and can generally differentiate normal walking and if someone were to fall. If the device gets the signal that there was a fall, the device will then alert the monitoring company that a fall has taken place.

It is that extra cautionary step to have the added protection and security that you can always get the right medical help or contact a loved one who might need guidance or medical attention.