Healthy diet for seniors
  • Aging Happily and Gracefully 

    We may not always look forward to aging, especially when it comes to looks, but it is a fact of life. However, there is much more to aging than just “looking older”.

    Aging happily and gracefully involves taking care of your body and mind while enjoying all of what life has to offer.

    Here are some tips for aging happily and gracefully.

  • Every year in March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month!

    Every year in March, we proudly celebrate International Women’s Day. March 8th, specifically, is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the sacrifice and hard work invested by women all over the planet. It is one of very few holidays which are celebrated world-wide, with no religious or national requirements. This past year, women of all ages and races have excelled in their respective fields and broken boundaries in our society. This blog will explore the effect of females within our world at Northeast Adult Day Care, and all over the universe.