by: Melanie Farley

November is National Caregivers Month, a time to honor the more than 50 million family caregivers across the U.S. Families continue to be the primary support for older adults and people with disabilities, and full-time caregiving takes a significant financial, mental, and emotional toll on caregivers

That’s why this year’s theme is #CaregivingAroundTheClock. So, how can you get involved and better support the caregivers in your life? Read on for our tips!

Share Your Story

Social media is a great way to connect and share caregivers’ inspiring stories. It might not seem like much, but publicly honoring caregivers for their hard work, compassion, and sacrifice shows that we see and appreciate their efforts.

Also, you can use a hashtag to share resources that provide support for caregivers’ mental, physical, and emotional health.

Use the hashtag #CaregivingAroundTheClock, or any of these:

  • #NationalCaregiversMonth
  • #CaregiverAppreciation
  • #CaregiverSupport
  • #ThankACaregiver

Provide Caregivers Time for Self Care

Did you know that family caregivers provide 10,000+ hours of unpaid labor each month? So, the best way to support them might be to give them some time off! Perhaps you provide care for their loved one while they get a massage, or even just read a good book for an hour.

You might also consider and adult day care to provide more regular relief for the caregiver in your life. Adult day centers offer participants a safe, engaging environment during the day, and they spend evenings with their caregivers.

Understand Your Caregiver’s Unique Needs

Caregiving is an all-consuming job. Caregivers cannot predict when their loved ones will fall sick or have an accident, so try to be understanding if they cancel plans at the last minute.

If possible, you might even offer additional support when they are facing unexpected emergencies. Cooking them dinner or taking care of other errands/chores are great ways to ease their burdens, for example.

A Final Word…

This year, for National Caregivers Month, there are myriad ways to honor, support, and provide visibility to the many unpaid family caregivers in our communities.

Sharing stories on social media promotes visibility and can be an excellent tool for sharing resources. You might also provide a caregiver in your life some much needed time for self-care to give them a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Most importantly, try to have compassion for the caregivers in your life because they are #CaregivingAroundTheClock and need your support. 

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