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Adult Day Care Cost Philadelphia

What are adult day service providers

Who we are and what we do

We are a state-of-the-art Adult Day Care facility serving Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, owned and operated by licensed health care professionals and geared towards providing skilled healthcare, monitoring and recreation coupled with supervised activities and social interaction in a friendly and secure environment.

Adult day service providers –

are licensed community-based programs for adults with functional disabilities, cognitive impairment, and/or medical frailty who may require continuous assistance and/or supervision.

Adult day service providers –

enable elders and adults with functional limitations and disabilities to live at home and in their communities by providing nursing oversight, health and safety monitoring, personal care and personal hygiene assistance, nutritious meals which meet individual dietary needs, medication administration and management, therapeutic activities, and a social peer group which aides in the prevention of depression.

Adult day service providers –

deliver peace of mind and reduce stress to family caregivers. We are a reliable source of support which restores balance in times of family crisis and enhances the quality of life for both consumers and their family caregivers. Almost 50% of those attending Adult Day Centers suffer with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Caregiver stress from caring for a loved one with Dementia is the number one reason for nursing home placement.

Adult day services providers are a lower cost alternative to nursing homes

Adult day services centers rebalance long term care cost and reduce budget deficits.

Pennsylvania is far behind most states in using adult day services to rebalance long term care expenses.

Nursing Home

Semi-Private Room

(Daily / Monthly Rate)

Residential Assisted Living

(Daily / Monthly Rate)

Home Health Aide / Homemaker

(Hourly Rate / 11 hours)

Adult Day Services for 11 hour day

(Hourly Rate / 11 hours)


$328 / $9,977

$107 / $3,265

$23 / $253

$5.50 / $61


$335 / $10,190

$163 / $4,950

$23 / $253

$6.10 / $67


$328 / $9,977

$160 / $4,875

$24.50 / $269.50

$7.00 / $77

Rest of state

$287 / $8,730

$84 / $2,546

$23.75 / $261.25

$5.90 / $65

Statistics from Genworth 2019 Cost of Care Survey

Pennsylvania needs to serve more low income seniors and their families in the community and not in nursing homes