What Seniors Need to Know About the COVID19 Vaccine 

by: Melanie Farley  


Vaccines to prevent COVID19 are perhaps the best hope we have for ending the pandemic that has ravaged many of our communities, but it has hit our seniors especially hard. According to the CDC, 65% of COVID cases occurred in adults under the age of 50, but 95.4% of deaths occurred in adults over the age of 65. This staggering statistic shows us that while seniors aren’t as likely to contract the virus, it is far more likely to be deadly once they do.

So, we know it’s important to vaccinate our seniors quickly, but you likely still have questions. Read on to learn more about how the COVID vaccine works, what possible side effects to expect, and when the vaccine will be available for seniors.

A Message from our Founders . . . 

by: Vlada Rubarkh & Anna Ufberg


As 2020 comes to a close, we thought it was important to reflect on the incredible courage and resilience of our staff and community members. Unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives have forced us to devise new systems of care and support, and we humbly rose to the challenge.

Read on to hear our message of hope as we head into the new year.

"Caregiving in Crisis": Celebrating National Caregiving Month in 2020 

by: Melanie Farley  


Each November, Northeast Adult Day Care joins organizations from all over the country to celebrate National Caregiving month. This year’s theme is “Caregiving Around the Clock,” which feels like an apt way to acknowledge the more than 40 million Americans who dedicate themselves selflessly to caring for their loved ones.

 It is our honor each year to celebrate caregiver’s compassion and selflessness, by acknowledging their hard work and sacrifice for their loved ones. So how can you celebrate National Caregiving Month this year? Here are 3 suggestions!


The Benefits of Pet Ownership for Older Adults 

by: Melanie Farley  


Study after study has shown that elderly people benefit exponentially from pet ownership. In fact, The New York Times even published an article recently about an up-and-coming trend in our rapidly advancing, technological world: robo-pets for seniors. While, robo-pets may not be available to every home in the immediate future, there are plenty of dogs and cats available for adoption at your local animal shelters and pet shops. 

So, what are the some of the benefits of pet ownership for older adults, and should you consider purchasing a furry friend for the beloved senior in your life? Read on to find out. 

3 Ways to Save Money While Caring for a Loved One from Afar

by: Claire Wentz


According to Today’s Caregiver, average out-of-pocket spending among long-distance family caregivers sits at about $8,728 a year — accounting for things like household expenses, medical needs, personal care supplies, and professional care services. 

However, there are a few things long-distance caregivers can do to save money while caring for a loved one from afar — and we’ll discuss them in the sections below. 

Our Top 3 Tips to Beat the COVID Blues

by: Melanie Farley


Summer is in full swing, and we are all getting used to what has become the “new normal.” While certain restrictions have been removed, we have been forced to accept masks and social distancing as a new way of life. Social distancing is especially important for more vulnerable populations, like seniors, but it can isolate elderly people from friends and families, resulting in increased feelings of loneliness and depression. This is especially true for seniors to do not have access to technological replacements (Zoom, Skype, etc.) for in-person connection.

So, how can we continue to socially distance and beat the COVID blues? Read on for our top 3 suggestions!