April Is National Volunteer Month: 3 Ways to Get Involved

by: Melanie Farley

In the United States, April is National Volunteer Month, a month dedicated to recognizing the compassionate work of volunteers all over the country, and an opportunity to share resources about volunteer opportunities in our communities.

Everyone can benefit from volunteering to support others, so I’ve compiled some of the best opportunities to volunteer in the senior communities in our region.



Seniors helping seniors 

Organizations like the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging (PCA) benefit from older adults’ contributions to their programming and operations. The active seniors who work with them provide valuable insights into the senior communities in the Philadelphia region, helping PCA expand their reach and help more older adults.

Also check out PCA’s Ombudsman program, which helps give older adults in assisted living facilities a voice in their own care. Volunteers visit facilities and listen to seniors’ complaints. A full background check is required, along with completion of a state mandated training course.


Become a senior companion

Episcopal Community Services has a great companionship for the elderly program called Dolphin Companions. According to the website, the dolphin was selected as the mascot (of sorts) because the sea mammal has long stood for friendship, even rescuing sailors lost at sea.

As part of the program, a staff member carefully assesses both the senior’s and the volunteer’s needs to ensure a successful match. Volunteers also receive careful coaching and support throughout the partnership.

Some of the friendships last decades and bring endless joy to both seniors and volunteers.


Deliver home cooked meals 

For many of us, the surest way to our hearts is a healthy, home-cooked meal. Since many older adults struggle to complete tasks like grocery shopping and cooking, a nutritious meal delivered right to their front door helps lighten their loads.

Meals on Wheels – PA, is a great organization to get started. On their website, you’ll find numerous opportunities to use your lunch break to make someone’s day.


A Final Word…

With careful planning, the joys of volunteering can be accessible to anyone, and April is a great month to get started. From older adults supporting peers to delivering homecooked meals, and more, there are plenty of ways to support seniors in our region.

So, get out there and connect! We’re sure you’ll find that giving to others is even more rewarding than receiving.


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