by: Melanie Farley

It takes a village to support seniors in the Philadelphia region and beyond. So, we are proud to connect with local organizations to build a network that enriches seniors’ lives.

Rachel and Vinnie of PA Universal Home Solutions assist with a senior care need that you might not initially consider: real estate. Many seniors need to sell their homes before transitioning into long-term care, and the stress of selling the home and cleaning it out, puts immense strain on families. 

Rachel and Vinnie like to think of themselves as the “easy button” when it comes to real estate. We interviewed them and learned a little more about their services, their ethical business model, and their commitment to seniors in the PA region.

Keep reading to learn more about how their company, PA Universal Home Solutions, can help your family!

The “Easy Button” for Real Estate

Rachel and Vinnie (pictured above with colleague, Goran) shared that PA Universal Home Solutions’ goal is to eliminate the stress of selling your senior’s home. Transitioning into long-term care is stressful enough without also navigating complex real estate policies and state laws that make selling your senior’s home a difficult process.

With that in mind, PA Universal Home Solutions will buy your senior’s home as-is, clean it out, and get you your money faster! That way, your senior can transition into a smaller home or into long-term care more quickly.

An Ethical Business Model

Rachel and Vinnie shared that they are committed to an ethical business model with PA Universal Home Solutions. Vinnie said:

“Emotional capital is what’s most important to us. We lead with the heart in our business, and we’re happiest when we know we’ve really helped someone.”

Rachel and Vinnie are both certified Senior Transition Specialists, and they are expert at navigating complex regulations regarding Medicaid and Medicare requirements, and more!

A Commitment to Seniors in the PA Region

Interviewing Rachel and Vinnie about their business, it was sweet to hear their compassion for seniors in the area and their commitment to serving them. Rachel shared:

“I love seniors. They have built everything we have. I couldn’t let them be pushed under the rug.”

Ultimately, Rachel and Vinnie want to do what’s best for seniors and their families. So, at PA Universal Home Solutions, they consult with each client and offer individualized plans to meet their needs.

A Final Word…

We are happy to partner with local organizations serving seniors in the region, and it was great to sit down with Rachel and Vinnie of PA Home Solutions. If your senior loved one needs help selling their home, please consider reaching out to them!

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