by: Melanie Farley

Over 10 million people around the world are living with Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disorder that inhibits the brain’s ability to control movement. There’s no cure for Parkinson’s, and even with treatment, symptoms worsen over time.

As the disease progresses, Parkinson’s patients become more dependent on their caregivers, which can become overwhelming. Strict medication schedules, constant monitoring, and assisting with activities of daily living can leave caregivers with little time for their own lives.

That’s where adult day care can help. With compassionate, professional staff, and a full suite of activities and services adult day care can provide relief to Parkinson’s caregivers while providing high-quality care. Read on to learn how adult day care can help Parkinson’s patients.

Registered Nurses on Staff

Parkinson’s patients are required to maintain a strict medication schedule that may be difficult for caregivers to maintain on their own. However, studies have shown that delaying medication administration can worsen tremors and other symptoms.

Most adult day cares have RNs who closely monitor your loved one, ensuring that medications and taken on time. RNs can also provide medical care coordination and investigate signs of disease progression.

Daily Exercise and Physical Therapy

Exercise is immensely important for delaying the symptoms of Parkinson’s and improving quality of life. From aerobic exercise to yoga to tai chi, movement improves mobility, flexibility, and balance which slows the progression of the disease.

Adult day care offers clients regular access to group fitness activities. Many Centers, like ours, offer access to licensed Physical Therapists as well. Physical therapists can create individualized plans to assist Parkinson’s patients with their unique needs.

Support Groups and Social Activities

Managing Parkinson’s symptoms can elicit a mix of confusion and fear for both the patient and the caregiver. Social support can help, and through adult daycare your loved one can develop lasting friendships and community.

Regular outings, social activities, and support groups can help those with Parkinson’s enjoy life and improve their outlooks. At Northeast Adult Day Care we have created a community of clients and caregivers through regular social connection and empathy.

A Final Word…

Parkinson’s patients have special needs, including a strict medication schedule, that can be difficult to manage at home. Adult day care can help.

RNs and other trained medical staff can provide the constant monitoring needed to maintain health. And the wide variety of exercise classes, social activities, and support groups help maintain quality of life. With the lasting friendships and full suite of services adult daycare is a fantastic option for those managing Parkinson’s disease.

Would your senior loved one benefit from expert adult day care in a warm, welcoming environment? The healthcare professionals at Northeast Adult Day Care can provide skilled care, monitoring, and social interaction for your loved one! Reach out to learn more, [email protected].