by: Melanie Farley

The cost of long-term care for seniors is higher than ever thanks to inflation, leaving many families scrambling for solutions. At about $82 a day, adult day care is much more affordable than other options because clients do not reside in the facility. Instead, an adult day center offers a safe, engaging, environment during the day, then seniors spend the evening with their family caregivers.

Wondering if an adult day care is right for your loved one? In this article, we’ll break down the costs for several long-term care options, so that you can make the best decision for your family.

Nursing and In-home Care Costs

When elderly adults have severe physical and/or cognitive issues that require 24-hour monitoring, nursing homes are a great option. However, nursing homes can be cost prohibitive at $376 per day in the Philadelphia region. Plus, many seniors are hesitant about leaving their long-time homes.

In-home care costs about $308 per day and allows seniors to stay in their homes. In-home care can also leave seniors feeling isolated and lonely.

By contrast, adult day care offers medical supervision, socialization, and the freedom to live at home, at less than a third of the cost.

Assisted Living Costs

Many elderly adults who do not need 24-hour monitoring, consider assisted living an option. At about $178 per day, assisted living is much less expensive than nursing homes or in-home care, but it is still twice as expensive as adult day care. Plus, if the senior’s health declines in assisted living, they must move to another facility to receive the care they need.

Conversely, many adult day cares have RNs and experienced medical professionals onsite, so they can accommodate a wide range of care needs. So, if your senior can create a comfortable routine and stick with it by attending the center, even if their health declines.

A Final Word…

As long-term care costs continue to rise, adult day care remains one of the most affordable and compassionate options for your senior loved one. Adult day care offers trained medical staff, safe, engaging social activities, and the comfort of living at home.

Would your senior loved one benefit from expert adult day care in a warm, welcoming environment? The healthcare professionals at Northeast Adult Day Care can provide skilled care, monitoring, and social interaction for your loved one! Reach out to learn more, [email protected].