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Immunity Boosting Tips for Seniors (and Everyone) this Winter

by: Melanie Farley

As the weather drops into freezing temperatures, more and more people start to get sick, and the ongoing challenges of the COVID19 pandemic only exacerbate the issue. Seniors are especially at risk for severe illness during the winter months since our immune systems weaken with age.

That’s why it’s especially important for seniors to be prepared for cold and flu season. Let’s explore some tips to make the winter season happier and healthier!


Simple New Year's Eve Party Ideas Seniors Will Love  

by: Melanie Farley

The new year brings us a time to reflect on our past and celebrate the possibilities of the future. It seems to sneak up on us amidst all the other holidays: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more, so we may leave plans for new year’s celebrations on the back burner.

Those caring for older loved ones might also be stumped about how to plan a New Year’s Eve party that includes your senior loved one. Even though your senior has experienced many New Year’s Eve celebrations, there’s no reason you can’t have a party that the whole family can enjoy!

Read on for 3 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas Seniors Will Love!


A Message of Gratitude from Our Founders 

by: Vlada Rubarkh & Anna Ufberg 

When times are challenging, it can be difficult to find space in your heart for gratitude, but it is during tough times that giving thanks is even more powerful and necessary. 2020 gave us COVID19 lockdowns and all the worry and stress that came with navigating such a serious public health crisis.

Then 2021 brought its own challenges as we re-opened our doors and witnessed the cognitive and physical decline that our clients experienced while they were away. Still, we never lost faith in our community of clients, staff, caregivers, and friends. Read on for our message of gratitude.

Aquatic Therapy for Seniors: 3 Major Benefits 

by: Melanie Farley

Eating a healthy diet, socializing, and exercising regularly are three pillars for staying healthy in mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, as we age, it becomes difficult to maintain all three. And, while you might be able to find social activities and access nutritious food, what can you do if exercising is painful due to arthritis or other physical ailments? Well, the answer could be aquatic therapy.

One study found that aquatic exercise has similar cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits for older people as land-based exercise. Aquatic exercise in a warm, shallow pool is also safer for seniors because it reduces the risk of a deadly fall, something that happens to one third of elderly folks in the U.S. at least once a year. So, what are some of the benefits of aquatic therapy, and it is right for you or your loved one? Read on for 3 benefits of aquatic therapy.


Why Seniors Should Lift Weights 

by: Melanie Farley


When you think of strength training, you might have an image of a huge, muscle-clad man like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but elderly people can benefit from lifting weights, too. In fact, adding resistance training into a senior’s daily routine can have a myriad of benefits for the body and mind.

By the age of 70, the average adult has lost about 25 percent of their muscle mass, mostly due to inactivity. Any exercise can reverse muscle loss and build strength, but weightlifting, strength training, and resistance training are best. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of strength training for older adults, and we’ll go over a few simple exercises that your senior can start right away!

What Is An Adult Day Center? And Is It Right for You or Your Loved One?

by: Vlada Rubarkh RN, BSN - Program Director at Northeast Adult Day Care


In 2016, there were about 4,600 adult day centers with more than 286,000 participants, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Adult day centers are also the most affordable long-term care solution for seniors and disabled adults who need help with daily activities.

You might be wondering, what exactly is an adult day center?  What kinds of services are usually offered? And, how do you know if and adult day center is right for you or your loved one? In this article, I’ll answer these questions and more!

How To Improve Your Memory - At Any Age! 

by: Melanie Farley  


As we get older, some age-related memory loss is to be expected, and as long as that memory loss isn’t debilitating, it isn’t a cause for concern. Still, it can be frustrating to walk into a room and forget why you went in there, or to temporarily forget the name of your childhood best friend.

The good news is, when it comes to the brain, you can teach an old dog new tricks. That’s thanks to the brain’s neuroplasticity, which allows you to learn new things, even as you age. It turns out the brain is like a muscle – you’ve got to use it or lose it! That means, with practice, you can improve your memory (and cognitive function) at any age.

But how, you ask? Read on for 3 key elements of a good brain-boosting activity.

Structured Activities That Reduce Depression and Anxiety in Seniors

by: Melanie Farley  


Even with the significant progress made with COVID vaccine availability and restrictions being lifted, many seniors are still experiencing increased anxiety, depression, and in some cases, cognitive decline, due to the impact of the quarantine orders.

The good news is, introducing stimulating social activities into a senior’s routine can significantly reduce depression and anxiety by promoting emotional connection, independence, improving motor skills, and more. Need ideas for activities for the beloved senior in your life? Read on for our recommendations, based on what’s popular with our clients.

How To Know a Senior Needs More Care: Tips and Resources for Caregivers 

by: Melanie Farley  


As we age, the need for assistance with everyday living is one of life’s hardest truths, and often, it falls to family and caregivers to recognize that an older loved one needs extra help. So, how  do you know when your senior loved one needs more care? And, how can you help your senior get the support they need, while maintaining their independence?

While there’s not a perfect answer to these questions, staying informed about your options can help you identify what’s right for your family. Read on for our tips and resources for caregivers.

What Seniors Need to Know About the COVID19 Vaccine 

by: Melanie Farley  


Vaccines to prevent COVID19 are perhaps the best hope we have for ending the pandemic that has ravaged many of our communities, but it has hit our seniors especially hard. According to the CDC, 65% of COVID cases occurred in adults under the age of 50, but 95.4% of deaths occurred in adults over the age of 65. This staggering statistic shows us that while seniors aren’t as likely to contract the virus, it is far more likely to be deadly once they do.

So, we know it’s important to vaccinate our seniors quickly, but you likely still have questions. Read on to learn more about how the COVID vaccine works, what possible side effects to expect, and when the vaccine will be available for seniors.

A Message from our Founders . . . 

by: Vlada Rubarkh & Anna Ufberg


As 2020 comes to a close, we thought it was important to reflect on the incredible courage and resilience of our staff and community members. Unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives have forced us to devise new systems of care and support, and we humbly rose to the challenge.

Read on to hear our message of hope as we head into the new year.

"Caregiving in Crisis": Celebrating National Caregiving Month in 2020 

by: Melanie Farley  


Each November, Northeast Adult Day Care joins organizations from all over the country to celebrate National Caregiving month. This year’s theme is “Caregiving Around the Clock,” which feels like an apt way to acknowledge the more than 40 million Americans who dedicate themselves selflessly to caring for their loved ones.

 It is our honor each year to celebrate caregiver’s compassion and selflessness, by acknowledging their hard work and sacrifice for their loved ones. So how can you celebrate National Caregiving Month this year? Here are 3 suggestions!


The Benefits of Pet Ownership for Older Adults 

by: Melanie Farley  


Study after study has shown that elderly people benefit exponentially from pet ownership. In fact, The New York Times even published an article recently about an up-and-coming trend in our rapidly advancing, technological world: robo-pets for seniors. While, robo-pets may not be available to every home in the immediate future, there are plenty of dogs and cats available for adoption at your local animal shelters and pet shops. 

So, what are the some of the benefits of pet ownership for older adults, and should you consider purchasing a furry friend for the beloved senior in your life? Read on to find out. 

3 Ways to Save Money While Caring for a Loved One from Afar

by: Claire Wentz


According to Today’s Caregiver, average out-of-pocket spending among long-distance family caregivers sits at about $8,728 a year — accounting for things like household expenses, medical needs, personal care supplies, and professional care services. 

However, there are a few things long-distance caregivers can do to save money while caring for a loved one from afar — and we’ll discuss them in the sections below. 

Our Top 3 Tips to Beat the COVID Blues

by: Melanie Farley


Summer is in full swing, and we are all getting used to what has become the “new normal.” While certain restrictions have been removed, we have been forced to accept masks and social distancing as a new way of life. Social distancing is especially important for more vulnerable populations, like seniors, but it can isolate elderly people from friends and families, resulting in increased feelings of loneliness and depression. This is especially true for seniors to do not have access to technological replacements (Zoom, Skype, etc.) for in-person connection.

So, how can we continue to socially distance and beat the COVID blues? Read on for our top 3 suggestions!

6 Tips For Managing Caregiver Overwhelm

Research shows 90% of seniors want to age in place, and while this may feel like the most comfortable and safe option for them, it can make things difficult for their loved ones. Remaining independent and self-sufficient is not always as easy as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty common for caregivers to neglect their own physical and emotional health. Caregiving is especially difficult when caregivers are required to balance families and careers as well. The stress of the situation can quickly lead to caregiver overwhelm or caregiver burnout.

4 Ways To Keep Your Loved Ones Engaged And Connected While Social Distancing Is Still Necessary

As communities around the country are starting to rebound, re-emerge, and find their way back to normal (whatever that means now) from the effects of COVID 19, there’s one thing that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon — social distancing. Around the country, restaurants are attempting to reopen, but now they have significantly lower occupancy levels, large gatherings are still prohibited, and while grocery stores remained open for the duration, the markers on the floors remind us to keep our distance.

We proudly celebrate International Women’s Day

Every year in March, we proudly celebrate International Women’s Day. March 8th, specifically, is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the sacrifice and hard work invested by women all over the planet. It is one of very few holidays which are celebrated world-wide, with no religious or national requirements. This past year, women of all ages and races have excelled in their respective fields and broken boundaries in our society. This blog will explore the effect of females within our world at Northeast Adult Day Care, and all over the universe.

Every year in March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month!

Every year in March, we proudly celebrate International Women’s Day. March 8th, specifically, is an opportunity for everyone to recognize the sacrifice and hard work invested by women all over the planet. It is one of very few holidays which are celebrated world-wide, with no religious or national requirements. This past year, women of all ages and races have excelled in their respective fields and broken boundaries in our society. This blog will explore the effect of females within our world at Northeast Adult Day Care, and all over the universe.

Fighting Senior Loneliness

Most discussions about senior wellness involve ways to help seniors maintain their physical health and keep things such as dementia at bay. Although these are important points to address when taking care of senior loved ones, we sometimes focus so much on these that we forget many seniors struggle with loneliness. 

This becomes worse around this time of year, the holidays. For many, the holiday season is an occasionally stressful but overall fun time full of food, family, and giving. But for many seniors, this time serves to amplify their negative feelings. 

We’ve put together a list of ways to fight senior loneliness and help seniors bring more positivity and happiness into their lives. 

November is National Family Caregivers Month

Many people know November for the holidays, Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for all you have in life. One thing we can all be grateful for are family caregivers.

For the last twenty years or so, US presidents have named November National Family Caregivers Month to recognize the tens of millions of family members who work hard to care for their family members with disabilities, illnesses, or that are aging.

The theme for National Family Caregiver’s Month is “Caregiving Around the Clock”.

The Importance of Medical Alert Devices For Seniors

If you, your husband or a loved one were to take a fall, it could be terrifying and disorienting. It can also be imperative to get help right away.

This is the type of scenario when a medical alert device is not only extremely important but can potentially save someone’s life.

If you’re alone or have hired a caregiver to help you, a medical alert device is an easy way to get the necessary medical help immediately. The device helps to alert the person who cares for you or even the correct medical facility or specialist if you or someone falls or gets hurt.

Is Tickling the Key to Slowing Down Aging?

In an age where scientific advances are made on the daily, it’s not so unbelievable that scientists might have just found the key to slowing down the aging process.

From ancient times until now, we humans have dreamed of finding a way to keep from getting older. Or, at least, a way to stop looking any older. We started with tales of youth elixirs and fountains of youth. And we worked our way up to anti-aging face creams and moisturizers.

And now, scientists might have actually found the real key to unlocking the science behind slowing down the aging process.

That key is… tickling.

It might sound crazy at first. Mad, even. But let’s break it down, and see what the research has to say about it.

Dementia 101: Everything You Need to Know

1. What is dementia?

Contrary to popular belief – dementia is not an actual thing. It’s not an illness or disease, and it’s not any other element. Rather, it is an umbrella term given to describe general mental deterioration. And this mental deterioration can be the result of one of many different factors or causes. Unfortunately, there is no known fool-proof remedy or preventative for dementia. However, there are several suggestions and theories.

Urgent: Watch Out for These 3 Serious Senior Scams

The world can be a scary place, full of liars and cheats.

But it can also be a world of kindness and love.

You just have to be careful where you step. And if you know how to tell the difference between the bad eggs and the good, you’ll be sidestepping the scams in no time.

A Simple Guide to Aquatic Therapy for Elderly: Who, What, Where, and When

Exercise is important.

It’s what keeps the blood pumping, the muscles moving, and the bones all-around happy. It’s what keeps us glowing and fit.

And yet, as we get older, it can be strenuous on our bodies to keep up active lifestyles.

It’s a hard cycle.

Enter: Aquatic therapy.

Aging and Happiness – The Benefits of Staying Social

As we get older, it’s all too easy to recede into ourselves and ignore the rest of the world.

But as innate social beings, we actually need social interaction.

Our bodies crave it - whether we know it or not.

In other words, social connections keep us healthy and happy. Because engaging with others keeps our minds sharp, gives us new things to be inspired about, grants us purpose, and helps us smile a bit more.

So, here are some easy ways to keep you socially engaged and connected for a happier life!

Choose Adult Day Care for a Healthier Life

For years, there has been a stigma surrounding the idea of adult day care. 

But that outdated belief is changing! 

Because the truth is that adult day care makes people’s lives happier and healthier. The truth is that adult day care offers you (or your loved one) an opportunity at a more productive and more loving lifestyle. Adult day care isn’t where you go when you don’t have any other options, it’s where you go when you want a fresher option.

Love at Any Age: Why Valentine’s Day is Just as Important for The Elderly

With Valentine’s day coming up, you could say that love is in the air! On the 14th day of February, couples of all age groups will be filling restaurants, purchasing hordes of red roses, and dancing the night away to celebrate their love for each other. The image that most people have of Valentine’s day usually involves young couples, but here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we want to raise awareness about the importance of love and companionship for the elderly community. Seniors are often overlooked when it comes to romance – depicted as “past it”, or “too old to love”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s our mission to change people’s views about love and the elderly and to encourage those that want to find love to go out and get it!

The Importance of Socialization for Seniors

As we age, things in life that we once took for granted, such as a network of close friends, become harder to maintain and renew. This is often due to friends relocating to be near family, reduced mobility, or the need to relocate for health reasons, leaving once close-knit friendships torn apart as a consequence of aging. For some seniors, this results in loneliness, isolation, and eventually – depression. Medical professionals are only now recognizing the scale of the problem as well as the huge benefits that socialization has for seniors, which is why, here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on the unique benefits that maintaining a healthy social life can have for you in your senior years. 

The Benefits of Adult Day Care

Adult day care is quickly becoming the preferred option for seniors who need help and supervision on a daily basis but also want to keep their independence and have control of their day to day lives. Nursing homes have often been the go-to choice, however, this is usually caused by a misunderstanding of the needs for those who are being admitted, meaning they could be paying way over the odds for care and treatment that is not necessary, and could also be unnecessarily limiting their personal freedom! Here at Northeast Adult Day Care – the premier adult day care center in Northeast Philadelphia, we want to illustrate how the benefits of adult day care may make it the best choice for you or your loved one! 

Adult Day Care vs Home Care and Long-Term Care Facilities in Philadelphia

When you or your loved one reaches that point when decisions about future care need to be made, the options can often be overwhelming and even down-right confusing! You’re likely to find yourself bombarded with information about home care, adult day care, and long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities – and you may not truly understand what the major differences between them are! Here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we're going to break it down for you to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision to ensure the best care for you or your loved one!

Preventing Fall and Winter Depression in Seniors

The end of the summer brings with it what is known as the winter blues. For most people, this is a usual reaction to the shortening of the days and drop in temperature. However, for some people, this change in the season can spark seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Symptoms of SAD are basically the same as the usual symptoms of depression, which includes a feeling of hopelessness, sluggishness, irritability, and a loss of interest in hobbies and usual interests. Physical symptoms include weight gain, loss of appetite and excessive tiredness. For seniors, the risk of developing SAD is higher as the change in the season can be much more limiting to their mobility outside the home and as a result of the physical effects of the cold. Here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we’ve got some tips to help you keep yourself well away from SAD and to ensure you stay mentally healthy this coming winter!

Back to School for the Elderly – Why You Should Never Really Want to Leave School!

We all know that keeping your brain challenged into old age gives you a better chance of keeping a sharp brain, and this is largely true. However, recent studies suggest that there are certain skills and ways of learning that have more fundamentally advantageous effects on your brain than others – namely, new skills.

While reinforcing old skills is certainly a good way to improve yourself, actively taking up mentally demanding new skills are the most effective of improving cognitive functions. This is because, by exploring something that is unfamiliar, your brain has to work harder to adjust to unacquainted activities, which in turn strengthens the synapses in parts of your brain that were previously not as strong. So, in effect, you’re going back to school!

How to Stay Happy in Retirement

Retirement is something that we can all look forward to, but some people find that once it arrives, it’s not quite as ideal as they’d imagined. Aging has profound effects on one’s life, and therefore it’s important to know how you or your loved one can best benefit from a life of retirement. Here at Northeast Adult Day Care, we’re going to discuss the key benefits needed to make the most of retirement!

Games to Improve Your Mind’s Health

We often see brain games and puzzles advertised as being good for the health of the mind, but, is this actually true? Many studies suggest that playing games that keep your cognitive function high such as Sudoku, Scrabble and Boggle can actually have positive effects on your mood and help in reducing stress, which naturally has great long-term implications for your health as you age. There is also evidence to suggest that regular long-term engagement in brain games could reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, which is another great reason to start!

Catching Alzheimer’s and Dementia Early: Five Warning Signs That Are Easy To Recognize

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are unfortunately on the rise with medical professionals scrambling to find ways to reduce the number of people who develop these debilitating conditions. But, there is one thing that really does help in the fight against them, and that’s spotting the signs early! This not only prepares you or your loved one for what may come, but it allows doctors to act early, slowing the disease’s progress and helping preserve quality of life. Here are some key indicators to look for, whether for yourself or for loved ones. If you experience any of these, visit your doctor immediately! Even if it’s a false alarm, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Northeast Adult Day Care of Philadelphia - Martha's Story

Transitioning into your elder years can be a real challenge and in some cases, the transition can leave people feeling lonely, insecure and isolated as their ability to see family and friends is restricted. Martha, one of our clients here at Northeast Adult Day Care knows this feeling all too well. "As I grew older, particularly after retirement and losing Arty, I really relied on my friends" she told us, "but within the space of about two to three years, I suddenly found they had all moved away to be closer to family or to spend their retirement in the sunshine, and I was left all alone". Martha spoke to us about how she struggled to cope with the isolation. "At first I thought it would be easy for me to make friends living at home, but when I was out of the house I didn't really find it that easy to talk to people. It sounds silly now, but a quick chat with the checkout girl at the store was the highlight of my day. Soon I became more and more depressed and just didn't want to get up in the morning".

Forming New Friendships And Finding Love As An Older Adult

Making friends can become increasingly harder as we get older. It’s natural that we forgo friendships for milestones in life such as relocating for work, long-term partners, or having children. All of these factors can mean that by the time we have retired and our children have left home, we’re literally so out of practice when it comes to making new friends, that it can be a major cause of loneliness. 

Northeast Adult Day Care recognizes this fact, which is why we have come up with some key points to think about when trying to make friends in old age.

Caregiving News 2018

2018 will likely be a landmark year for caregivers. With the Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage Family Caregivers Act (RAISE) being signed into law in late January, politicians hope to increase recognition and support for the 40 Million plus family caregivers who operate in both the private and public sector here in the USA. What’s most encouraging about this law is that it is bipartisan, which means it’s a national strategy that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on – a very rare find indeed!

So, what can we expect?

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions A Reality In 2018

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start the year and break the habit of a lifetime. However, for many people, these resolutions are too often broken, and as January slips into February, they find themselves right back at square one!  Follow these helpful tips to make a real change this year.

The Informal Caregiving Crisis

The Informal Caregiving Crisis

America is experiencing a greater need for senior care and long-term care (LTC) services as the “baby boomer” generation is entering retirement age. A crisis is arising because with so many people retiring and needing care, there may be a massive caregiver shortage.

By 2024, the number of people that will need home health care services is estimated to reach 120 million. Unfortunately, there may not be enough caregivers to cover the rising home health care needs. This growing crisis is putting more and more pressure on informal caregivers.

Helping Visitors Make Friends

Thinking about attending a Day Care Center doesn't seem like a huge decision but it can feel like it to many who prefer the comfort of their own home. While Day Care Centers are activity filled, safe environments, one thing many people worry about, no matter what age we’re at, is making friends. At The Northeast Adult Day Care Center, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, caring and friendly environment for both new and old clients and of course, as creating friendships is important for an individual's emotional and mental health, it’s part of our focus. Friendship can greatly improve quality of life. As a care provider, there are various methods and strategies that we apply in order to make the first visit to our facility an easy and happy one!

Affordable Adult Day Care Center in Northeast Philadelphia

Affordable Adult Day Care Center in Northeast Philadelphia

We all want that feeling of security when considering an adult day care service for our twilight years. Will I be able to make friends? Will I have all the help and support that I need? Will I find things to do to keep me occupied? These are all questions that worry people when thinking about their care needs.

At Northeast Adult Day Care, Philadelphia, we strive to ensure that all your needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded to the highest possible degree. Our highly qualified, experienced staff are members of our team because they give 100%, all of the time. Senior caregiving is in their blood, and caring for fellow Americans in their time of need is their passion.

Young at heart

How to Keep Seniors Young at Heart

Studies have shown that just feeling younger can have major health benefits for seniors, from improved cardiovascular health to lessened chances of depression. Also, those who feel younger tend to stay more active and engage more with their community, giving them an overall better quality of life as they age. For many seniors, aging comes with feelings of loss -- loss of mobility, physical strength, mental sharpness, etc. However; it doesn't have to. By finding activities that are mentally as well as physically stimulating, you can ensure that the seniors in your life stay young in mind, body, and heart.

Caregiver's Support

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed as a Caregiver?

Being a caregiver for an elderly loved one, while rewarding, can be extremely taxing. Between doctor’s appointments, medications, and life getting in the way, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially when dealing with an ailing loved one, caregiving often comes with a number of triggering, damaging emotions.