Thinking about attending a Day Care Center doesn't seem like a huge decision but it can feel like it to many who prefer the comfort of their own home. While Day Care Centers are activity filled, safe environments, one thing many people worry about, no matter what age we’re at, is making friends. At The Northeast Adult Day Care Center, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, caring and friendly environment for both new and old clients and of course, as creating friendships is important for an individual's emotional and mental health, it’s part of our focus. Friendship can greatly improve quality of life. As a care provider, there are various methods and strategies that we apply in order to make the first visit to our facility an easy and happy one!

Affordable Adult Day Care Center in Northeast Philadelphia

Affordable Adult Day Care Center in Northeast Philadelphia

We all want that feeling of security when considering an adult day care service for our twilight years. Will I be able to make friends? Will I have all the help and support that I need? Will I find things to do to keep me occupied? These are all questions that worry people when thinking about their care needs.

At Northeast Adult Day Care, Philadelphia, we strive to ensure that all your needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded to the highest possible degree. Our highly qualified, experienced staff are members of our team because they give 100%, all of the time. Senior caregiving is in their blood, and caring for fellow Americans in their time of need is their passion.

Young at heart

How to Keep Seniors Young at Heart

Studies have shown that just feeling younger can have major health benefits for seniors, from improved cardiovascular health to lessened chances of depression. Also, those who feel younger tend to stay more active and engage more with their community, giving them an overall better quality of life as they age. For many seniors, aging comes with feelings of loss -- loss of mobility, physical strength, mental sharpness, etc. However; it doesn't have to. By finding activities that are mentally as well as physically stimulating, you can ensure that the seniors in your life stay young in mind, body, and heart.

Caregiver's Support

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed as a Caregiver?

Being a caregiver for an elderly loved one, while rewarding, can be extremely taxing. Between doctor’s appointments, medications, and life getting in the way, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially when dealing with an ailing loved one, caregiving often comes with a number of triggering, damaging emotions.

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