Just when you thought the holiday season was over, Valentine’s Day arrives!  For seniors, Valentine’s Day might bring with it a mix of emotions – some of them painful. Many elderly people have lost friends and loved ones, so it’s extra important to help them stave off loneliness and depression on the day of love.

Looking for ideas on how to connect with the beloved senior in your life this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few activities that will not only help seniors feel loved, but they will also boost memory and cognitive function.

Read on for ideas on having a special Valentine’s Day with your senior and to improve their quality of life over time!

Host a Haiku Writing Workshop

Give your senior space to channel their inner poet! You don’t have to be a world-class writer to enjoy the craft of poetry, and the poems don’t necessarily have to be romantic either. Seniors can write poems to express their love for caregivers, grandchildren and more.

Poetry is good for mental and emotional health as well. One study suggests that poetry has a similar emotional impact on listeners as music. Plus, when seniors learn the rules for writing a form like Haiku, the mental stimulation helps boost memory and cognition.

Create Cookie Bouquets

If baking is more your style, then why not spend an afternoon baking cookies and arranging them into a bouquet with your beloved senior? Not only does baking encourage creativity and independence, but it reduces stress an improves mental health.

Baking also requires mindfulness and attention to detail, making it great for brain health as well.

Make a Photo Collage

Over time, your senior loved one has probably accrued quite a few photos. So, you could create a crafting project together, cutting and pasting photos to a Valentine’s Day-themed poster board. This activity would be a great tool for to help you bond with them, and it would have the added benefits of helping them to remember their lives!

Afterwards, you’d have a beautiful craft project that you could display in the home to remember your happy times together. Crafting is a great to get the creative juices flowing, while providing a lot of mental stimulation as well!

A Final Word…  

Whether you’re writing poetry, baking, or taking a walk down memory lane, these activities are sure to make your senior’s Valentine’s Day special. Whatever you do, the quality time spent bonding with your senior will benefit them all year long!

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